Erin Myles + Maggie Semrau were mere babes when they met as designers in the jewelry manufacturing industry in 2007.  Fresh out of school, these creative, funny and strong forces of nature formed an instant connection. Although they valued and cherished the relationships they built during their careers as industry designers, it became clear that this work wasn’t serving their greater need or the highest good.

Life beckoned a different way + they followed the call.

Each woman separately jumped ship and embraced the arduous journey of finding the voice, practice and work that aligned with their truth, creativity and values.


Brave Daughters is a gathering space, studio + state of mind for Providence broads in search of creative community + spiritual expansion.

To our vision, we provide rental space for workshops, events, talks, castings calls, gallery shows and act as an incubator for new ideas, growth and development.  Reach out here to host your event with us.

We gather every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30PM for our Broad Squad Bullshit Sessions where we unpack, uplift and unwind with local women over wine and tea.  Join us on the yellow couch! We would love to hear where you’re at and how we can support your vision.

Our Brave Daughter branded workshops are a mix of craft + woo woo, hosted by us + local teachers that we admire.  Our vision for the space is to gather, connect and learn with like-minded women. Check out our calendar and email us here to add your events so we can rally around you.

We are changing the story of how women connect.

Let's tear down these old paradigms and build a new kind of community together!


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Let us know how you want to collaboratE at: