Poisonous Plants 6: September 21 5-8PM

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Poisonous PLants 6.jpg

Poisonous Plants 6: September 21 5-8PM


Mandrake & Amanita: The Lost Wisdom of Shamanic Lineages 

Mandrake and amanita muscaria are perhaps the most mythologized of all plants. 

Mandrake even makes an appearance in Harry Potter (yes, those screaming mandrakes are based on real plant lore!). 

The red and white caps of amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, are perhaps the most easily recognized symbol of psychedelic plant medicine 🍄Most Christmas lore is actually rooted in amanita muscaria lore. Shamans of Northern Europe would wear red and white capes, going door to door to bring divinatory messages during the winter months - sound familiar? Reindeer are known to eat these little mushrooms, hence the mythology of flying reindeer and Rudolph’s red nose.

In the final class of this series we will speak about the forgotten shamanic lineages tied to these plants and discuss as much of their endless lore as we can fit in! 

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Kathryn has dedicated her life to the study and practice of non-duality and inner work. She is the author and illustrator of “Here You Are,” a collection of original minimalist tantric paintings and straightforward non-dual writings designed to guide you into the present moment, into your body, and into your heart. She teaches meditation classes and workshops on poisonous plants and various spiritual topics.

Kathryn also works one on one with people looking to remember their authentic Selves through the use of tarot readings, dream interpretation, herbal medicine, intuition building, mindfulness, shamanic journeying, creative expression, and meditation.

She graduated with a degree in fine arts from Naropa University, a Buddhist-inspired university, in Boulder, Colorado, and did a sacred plant medicine apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing in Putney, Vermont. She is currently finishing up a Hakomi training, a type of mindfulness based body-centered psychotherapy. She runs an etsy shop, Persephone’s Path, that sells high vibrational crystals, herbal medicines, original paintings, and prints.